New Year – New Blog

Hey Folks!

So this is the start of my new blog…

Hope you guys are all having a good 2011 so far! I though I would start off with mentioning the brilliant gig I had at Christmas; opening for the legend that is Henry McCullough. When I was still at school I used to go and see Henry play all the time just up the road from me in Magherafelt, and he is always a joy to watch. He is the sort of man who jams for two and a half hours with his band without taking a break and it never gets boring, not even for a second! I was a fan of Henry’s before I could play guitar myself, so it was a real joy to be asked to open for him at this local show. I was joined by Odhran Devlin on bass and we had a real ball, so big thanks to everyone who made the effort to come down to the gig on what was a miserable and damp evening outside. There was a really great atmosphere in the room, so thanks to everyone who listened to intently! 🙂

We squeezed in 8 tunes…

1. Building a Picture
2. I Already Know
3. Corner of the room
4. Always to blame
5. Fair Weather
6. Take My Advice
7. Simple Gesture
8. Closing Doors

and heres me and henry… he loved the festive mustache… probably the only person in the room who did to be fair.

rock on good people!
John 🙂 xo


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