Studio time

Hey folks,

for the past two days I have been locked in the studio working on recording some new tunes. The vibe of these recordings will be very stripped down, and I want to get across a really raw live feel. I have been working on writing loads of new material in the past month, and all the time I had this recording session in mind, so it is nice to really get stuck into the recording process at last! The tracks are being produced by a fantastic songwriter by the name of Warren Malone, and he is the ideal man for the job . Warren produced his own latest album, and a few other select singer-songwriters that reside in NYC, and I was blown away by the feel of the recordings. After two days we have made some serious progress, and I look forward to unleashing these new tunes on you all asap!

For the meantime, check out this little rendition of ‘it slows down’ – Warrens favorite Building Pictures track, and recorded just yesterday in the studio.

Also… I have not one but TWO shows in NYC tonight. First up is a really exciting evening in the Red Room (85 E 4th St (3rd Floor). Im on at 9pm and all proceeds are going to the relief effort in Japan. Here is the poster –

The second show is in a venue called “Session 73” – Which is on 1st avenue, on the corner of 73rd street. The line up for the ‘Original Sessions’ is pretty amazing tonight and you can view it here – For anyone in the neighborhood I am on at 11pm!

Rock on good people.

John 🙂 xo


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