Recording plans and a new york date

Hey all!

I have exciting plans for the month of August… I will be making a trip back to Ireland to record some new songs! Since moving to Brooklyn, I have been immersed in my home studio demo-ing up new songs inspired by this great city among other things. All my plans are now set in stone and I will be heading home for a week of recording with the goal of making a new EP. I will keep you all posted on my progress.

In other news… the next NYC show will be just after I return back from my trip home…

August 24th – Rockwood Music Hall (Room 1) @ 9pm,

so get it in your diary!!

rock on!

John xo





What a night!

Hey everyone,

Last night at Rockwood Music Hall deserves a few words.

24 hours on and I am still buzzing from what has to be the best show I’ve had on this side of the pond since moving to NYC just about 5 months ago. Rockwood has become a little home from home for me and the lads over the past few months, and it was amazing to see a packed room in for our show last night. It was such a joy to play to such an attentive crowd, it makes it so much easier to have fun on stage when everyone in the room is getting involved. We had our usual quiet moments during the set like we always do when we play Rockwood, but last night was something else; pindrop silence, followed by huge applause with each song we played, so uplifting.

My own personal highlight was the debut of a brand new track called “sink or swim.” This is a song about a depressed hippo… don’t worry i am not going crazy. It was inspired by my dear friend Alexis Moniello and her wonderful children’s book ‘Everything Buttart’. You should get your ass down to your local Barnes and Nobel and pick up a copy.

We squeezed in 11 songs! and then pulled another bonus track out when the crowd demanded an encore… 🙂

The setlist was as follows:

1.Building a Picture

2. Fair Weather

3. Sink or Swim

4. Serendipity in this city

5. It slows down

6. Corner of the room

7. I already know

8. Training up my soul

9. Always to blame

10. Closing Doors

11. Simple Gesture

12. For the meantime (encore)

Our wonderful sound-man recorded the set for me, so I will be drip feeding a few live recordings for your listening pleasure in the not too distant future so watch this space. I cannot thank everyone enough for making the effort to come out and support us, it means the absolute world to me. Spread the good word.

Rock on,

John xo