‘Fair Weather’ Video

Here everyone!

It is my great pleasure to present to you my first music video. ‘Fair Weather’ is a song that was written as I looked outside on a stormy day and saw the rain coming down. This is for anyone who has felt a little seasonal depression from time to time. Please use the share link and tell a friend.


John xo


A day at the beach

Hey Everyone

What a week it has been.

A few days ago I began filming my first music video. The location for the shoot was Robert Moses State Park, which is situated on Long Island, NY. I am very excited to announce that the video will be a collaboration with two talented young men by the names of Brandon Roots and Felix Thompson of ‘Buffalo Picture House.’ I became aware of their work some time ago when I saw their ‘Irene NYC’ video…

On the day of the shoot I was joined by two fine actors; Sonovia Harris and Shane Michael Davey… Felix even made a cameo (he didn’t have a choice in the matter). Despite all our acting talent I fear that we will be outshone by Roscoe Moniello, a wheaten terrier, who definitely stole the show.

here is a little sneak preview of what is to come…

John xo

Some dates for your diary…

November 16th @ 7pm in The Living Room

November 30th @ 9pm in Pianos (upstairs lounge)


Two November Shows

Hey everyone

I am very excited to confirm two Building Pictures shows for November


November 16th @ 7pmThe Living Room

November 30th @ 9pmPiano’s (Upstairs Lounge)



The Living Room and Pianos are two of my favorite venues in the world, and I cant wait for both. As I type this I am blasting out the final mixes of four brand new tunes that were recorded in Ireland in August… and I cant wait to debut some of this new material at these two shows.

Thanks to the guys over at Migrate Music News for this little feature – http://migratemusicnews.com/2011/10/11/migrate-music-exclusive-building-pictures/ 



More news coming soon

John xo

A gig with Liam

Hey folks!

This week I was honoured to play a few songs at the opening night of the Cinemagic International Film Festival in New York. Liam Neeson, a firm supporter of the Cinemagic cause was in attendance. It was a night that I will never forget. I want to thank all those at Cinemagic for all their hard hard work, and for having me along.

It was a real joy to hang out with Liam, my Mum and my sister Mary Teresa on the roof of a manhattan skyscraper… now thats something you don’t do everyday.



do yourself a favour and read about the fine work of Cinemagic over here – http://www.cinemagic.org.uk/

rock on