Piano and Coffee

Hey good people, I hope the new year is treating you all well!

One of my new years resolutions was to learn a new instrument, and yesterday I had my first Piano lesson! My dear friend Jacob, the very talented Pianist of Building Pictures and ‘Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!‘ has decided to take me on as one of his students. As most of his students are a lot younger than me… Jacob has the patience of a saint, and in a few months I am sure his patience will be well and truly tested! Ever since I started making music I always wanted to know my way around a Piano better. I’ve played on quite a few recordings of mine, and it has always been a matter of creating melodies and not really knowing what it meant. hopefully now I can put some theory into my technique! Really looking forward to writing my first song on Piano.

For some reason that I cant explain I always seem to get more work done mixing new songs when I am stuck in the corner of a bustling coffee shop. Maybe Im crazy, but there is just something to it. Maybe its because there is no distractions around like you get at home. I have been working on a new track for a couple of days, a co-write in fact, and it is coming along really great. So hopefully it will see the light of day very soon. This track is something very different than what I am used to. Its a duet with a friend; the very talented Rebecca Jordan. Do yourself a favor and have a listen to her music, quality stuff.

I have had some really brilliant feedback on the Fair Weather music video, so a huge thanks to everyone who shared it on their pages and sent it to their friends, it really means the world to me. have a look at Buffalo Pictures latest showreel of their work here

I wanna see some familiar faces at these two upcoming NYC shows!

February 8th @ 8pm – The Living Room

February 29th @ 9pm – Rockwood Music Hall

Rock on

John 🙂 xo


February 8th at The Living Room

Hey good people

Delighted to confirm that we will be rocking The Living Room on February 8th at 8pm. That’s a Wednesday evening for anyone who is reaching for their iphone to check the calendar. This will be the second time we play this beautiful room, and we can’t wait as the last show was an absolute joy.

Check out the poster my dear friend Stephen Lagan put together, all the way from sunny Melbourne.

spread the good word folks and bring a few friends down folks!

Chat soon

John xo