Piano and Coffee

Hey good people, I hope the new year is treating you all well!

One of my new years resolutions was to learn a new instrument, and yesterday I had my first Piano lesson! My dear friend Jacob, the very talented Pianist of Building Pictures and ‘Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!‘ has decided to take me on as one of his students. As most of his students are a lot younger than me… Jacob has the patience of a saint, and in a few months I am sure his patience will be well and truly tested! Ever since I started making music I always wanted to know my way around a Piano better. I’ve played on quite a few recordings of mine, and it has always been a matter of creating melodies and not really knowing what it meant. hopefully now I can put some theory into my technique! Really looking forward to writing my first song on Piano.

For some reason that I cant explain I always seem to get more work done mixing new songs when I am stuck in the corner of a bustling coffee shop. Maybe Im crazy, but there is just something to it. Maybe its because there is no distractions around like you get at home. I have been working on a new track for a couple of days, a co-write in fact, and it is coming along really great. So hopefully it will see the light of day very soon. This track is something very different than what I am used to. Its a duet with a friend; the very talented Rebecca Jordan. Do yourself a favor and have a listen to her music, quality stuff.

I have had some really brilliant feedback on the Fair Weather music video, so a huge thanks to everyone who shared it on their pages and sent it to their friends, it really means the world to me. have a look at Buffalo Pictures latest showreel of their work here

I wanna see some familiar faces at these two upcoming NYC shows!

February 8th @ 8pm – The Living Room

February 29th @ 9pm – Rockwood Music Hall

Rock on

John 🙂 xo


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