Last Wednesday

Just a little word on our show at the Living Room on Wednesday night.

The Living Room is one of those venues that I found myself attracted to when I first moved to Brooklyn just over a year ago. There are plenty of occasions when I play live with a full band that we really rock it out, but sometimes it gets really quiet. I’ve always enjoyed those pin-drop silence moments at a show when the band brings it right down, and you’re in the audience and you are almost scared to cough or sneeze… You can only really get those moments when the room allows for it. The Living Room is one of those rooms. On Wednesday we had plenty of those moments, and I cant thank everyone enough for making the effort to come out and make it such a special night.

Our Set List was as follows:

1. Building a picture
2. Always to blame
3. Come of age
4. Fair Weather
5. Simple Gesture
6. It slows down
7. Training up my soul
8. Closing Doors
9. Running Out

To everyone at the Living Room, thanks guys for making rock n roll just that little bit less stressful. That was only our second show at the venue, and it felt just as fresh as the first time we played there. Heres to a hundred more shows.

We played three unreleased tracks on Wednesday. One thing that really gives any songwriter encouragement is when people are asking where they can get their hands on the new songs… surely that can only be a good sign. I’ve got some plans in the pipeline but for the meantime you will all just have to come to a show to hear the new material… win win!

And so on that note I am delighted to remind everyone that we have another February show, this time at Rockwood Music Hall (Lower East Side) on February 29th @ 9pm. Here is the Facebook Event Page with all the important details!

If you love live music, then keep supporting it! –

you guys rock
John xo 


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