Austin bound for SXSW

As I write this im packing my bag and stringing up my guitar.

I’m heading down to Austin, Texas in the middle of the night for the famous South by Southwest festival. I Spent all day tying up a few loose ends and trying to plan for weather that will be a little warmer than what we have been experiencing in New York lately. I’ve heard so many good things about Austin, and in the past week I think i’ve lost count just how many people from Texas I bumped into around NYC… never get tired of that accent. Its probably one of the few accents that are as noticeable as my own when Im listening to peoples conversations on the subway.

It was such a perfect week. On friday night I had the great pleasure of opening for Duke Special in the Mercury Lounge, NYC. It was the first solo set I had played in almost 6 months. I thought I was going to find it really uncomfortable to be up on the big stage by myself. The reality couldn’t have been more different and I was totally mesmerized by the responsiveness of the crowd. It really does make performing that little more special when you know that people really want to listen. As I rounded up my set with ‘Closing Doors’, a guy approached me at the front of the stage and told me that I could squeeze one more in if I wished. Still don’t know if that guy was affiliated with Mercury Lounge, but he seemed to be enjoying the music so maybe he just wanted one more. So I played ‘Running Out,’ the closing track from my new EP (‘Training Up My Soul’ – out May 3rd).

During the end section of the song I thought of asking the crowd to sing along to a little melody line that was running in my head… It was actually a piano line that Jacob had played one morning at rehearsals. So I asked everyone to have a practice run. Then the hairs stood on the back of my neck as the room sang it back to me. For that moment I got a sense of what it must feel like to have a hit song. Thats a feeling that I want more of.

wish me luck in Austin!

John x


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