Thanks for Thursday

On Thursday night at ten minutes to nine I walked up Allen Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan towards Rockwood Music Hall. With my guitar in hand, my Dad by my side, and a bag full of freshly pressed ‘Training Up My Soul’ EP’s on my back, I was on my way to my first ever album launch in New York.

I worked hard to promote this show, but I could never have predicted that by the time I was halfway through my first song that the room would be packed wall to wall, and that there would be a line of people down Allen Street trying to get in. It was totally overwhelming.

I dont think that I have ever been more excited to play a show in my life. The band rehearsals had went so smoothly, and I was itching to play for the entire week leading up to the show. Opening with ‘Always to Blame’ and finishing with the new EP in its entirety, here is the set list from the night.

To every single person who came out and supported me I cant thank you enough. As I said during my set, I have met so many great people since I moved to Brooklyn at the start of last year. On Thursday night it was such a buzz to look around the room and catch a glimpse of all the people that have helped me in some way to reach this point. You guys make it easy to write and perform my music, and you all inspire me to keep doing what I’m doing.

I have some good news for anyone who didn’t make it down to the show (or those back home in Castledawson), in my hands I have a live album of our set, recorded straight from the desk. I will get some of the highlights online very soon for all your listening pleasure. There was some really nice moments during this set… and thanks to the wonderful ears of Drew on the mixing desk, we captured a great vibe on the recordings.

The next full band show is at The Living Room on June 1st at 9pm. It will be my first Friday night at the venue… so come down and join in on the party!!

Pick up the Training Up My Soul EP on Itunes now!! – Click HERE

Rock on
John xo


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