An evening with the Irish Consul General

Last night I had the great honor of performing at the residence of the Irish Consul General in New York. It was the closing ceremony of the New York-New Belfast Conference. I really didn’t know what to expect upon my arrival at Mr Noel Kilkennys residence, and when I did arrive I was completely overwhelmed by the welcome that was offered to me by both Noel and his lovely wife Hanora. When I walked through the front door of the apartment, I immediately made a line for the living room window just to take in the view of Manhattan. It was breathtaking.

So I knew I was going to have quite a view when performing, my stage would be just in front of the fireplace. We made our way up the stairs to the second floor… and then the view from the balcony hit me…

After a few beverages, all the distinguished guests gathered around the fireplace downstairs and I was encouraged to play. At this stage I knew there was only one song that I could play – Closing Doors. This song, written in the summer of 2009 will always be my New York song. It was written two weeks into my first ever visit to this great city. As I tuned my guitar I thought to myself that every single person gathered in front of me will relate to the lyrics. I dont think I have ever had such an intense listening crowd, it was a little overwhelming… but I couldn’t have felt any more positivity from everyone in the room. It was such a great feeling for me to have real New Yorkers shake my hand and tell me that my song summed up so much of what it was like for them growing up in Queens, Brooklyn or the Bronx. I was overjoyed, and very humbled.

I took a seat and listened to a reading by the wonderfully gifted Belfast actress Geraldine Hughes (Gran Torino, Rocky Balboa). Its days like this that really inspire me. I never really take anything for granted, especially not opportunities like this one. My only regret about last night was that my Father was not in the room. Although to be fair I dont think Noel Kilkenny would have gotten a wink of sleep last night as I’m sure if he and Hugh Gribbin had have got together the two of them would have hit it off talking about football for five hours…

I woke up this morning early, with very little sleep, and I was bright as a button. Its good to be alive.

Heres me hanging out with my dear friend, the very gifted playwright James Kerr. Im now on Instagram… if you can’t tell by the gloss and sheen of my snaps above?? follow me @Buildingpictures.

Next Show is June 27th at Rockwood Music Hall. Event Page HERE

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,


Thoughts on my first Friday

Last night at the Living Room was my first Friday night performance in New York City… and boy did we have fun.

One of the highlights of the show was definitely when we were joined on stage by the very talented Rebecca Jordan. Rebecca and myself have been writing together a lot recently, and last night we debuted a song called “To Be Bold.” There will be some more news on our recent collaborations coming very soon…

It was a night of firsts, as a new track entitled ‘Fighter’ also got its first play outside the realms of the rehearsal space.

Find out more about Rebecca and listen to her music here –

Our next show is June 27th at 9pm in Rockwood Music Hall

See you there!