I dont think anyone could really have imagined that the impact of Sandy would have been so great. As I near the end of my second full year in New York, this city really does feel like my home from home. Just yesterday I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge and set foot in Manhattan for the first time in almost a week. The scene that awaited me was like something from a science fiction movie. The streets were empty and the street lights were off. All those iconic buildings at the foot of Manhattan that appear on every family photograph that is snapped on the Staten Island ferry were all in darkness. The famous financial district was a ghost town.

Even though I have been living in Brooklyn since the start of 2011, I still get excited when I walk around the sky scrapers. There is a buzz in New York that cannot be explained. Every person that visits can feel something in their veins, and I still feel it. On Monday evening I sat around the TV will my housemates and watched the storm coverage unfold on the news. It was crazy. For some reason that I cannot explain we never lost power, heat or running water in my neighborhood. I still can’t believe how lucky we were.

It is hard not to admire all that is good about Americans. There is such positivity among people here, even when they get knocked like they did this week. To all my friends out there who suffered, and are still suffering from the impact of the storm, you guys are amazing. New York and its people have made me feel so welcome, and I can’t wait until this city is back on top.

I’ve had some people asking if our show on Monday night is still going ahead and I am glad to let you all know that it is. We are playing Rockwood Music Hall with an 8pm stage time. Facebook event page is HERE with all the important details.

John xo


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