BBC to LA to CMJ

A few weeks ago the good people at BBC Arts Extra approached me about being involved in a NYC special for BBC 2. The aim of the show was to investigate how Northern Ireland is being marketed through the arts in New York. I told them I’d be honored.

We needed a setting to shoot a live performance, so I teamed up with my friends over at Rockwood Music Hall. I performed my new single ‘In Her Veins’ with Jacob (keys) and Rob (bass) accompanying me. I then moved around the corner to Tompkins Square Park with host Marie-Louise Muir for an interview. I’ve had the time of my life since moving to New York at the start of 2011, and it was a real joy to talk about my experiences and my debut album with Marie-Louise.

It was also just great to hang out with some people from home for a couple of hours!





image[455]Im going to have some footage for you all very soon, watch this space.

I am delighted to announce that I will be performing at a CMJ showcase on October 16th, and with ‘West Orchard’ due for release on November 12th, this is a really great chance to hear the new material. The details:

– Wednesday October 16th

– Fontanas (105 Eldridge Street)
– 11.45pm Stage Time.

I made my second trip to LA last week. My big brother Ciaran (lives in Sydney) was on the West Coast for a few days so I decided to jump over and stay with him. It was an amazing week. California definitely has something special, I feel like I could get used to that lifestyle for a while anyway. I met some great people, made a start on some new songs, and I ate a LOT of of good food. Had my best donut ever, and I also had my fortune told by Zoltar. Great fella Zoltar.


Im getting really excited for the release of West Orchard and all the feedback I have been getting is really great. You can jump over HERE to read an interview I did with the good people at Violent Success.



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