Summer Update and a New Song

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing great.

This Summer has been a busy one for me, with most of my time spent locked in my studio in Brooklyn working on new songs. The Building Pictures sound has always been shaped and influenced by my travels, and these new songs are no different. In March of this year I spent almost a month in South East Asia, and on my return to the states I made my first visit to Nashville. Since then I have clocked up three more trips to Nashville and I really feel a connection with the people in that town… I don’t know why I didn’t visit sooner. I have been thinking a lot about album number two, and I feel that most of my new material is the strongest I have ever written.
When summer kicked off I made a point of teaming up with other artists on some collaborations. I now have two very different projects underway with Electronic Producers, one from the UK and the other from Australia. These sounds are a million miles from my usual style and vary from slow-paced and ambient beats, right through to quirky pop tunes. I have never had so much fun working on music as I have in the past few months, and I look forward to sharing some of the new tracks with you when I can.
New Song
A lot of you have been asking for a sneak preview of some of the new material, and I finally gave in. Check out my solo live performance of ‘Dirt’ recorded yesterday in my apartment. This track was started in Vietnam on the corner of a napkin, and finished back in Brooklyn. I would love to hear your thoughts.

August 27th Show
On the gigging front I am delighted to announce a new show at Rockwood Music Hall (stage 1) on August 27th at 8pm. If you want to hear myself and the band performing loads of new songs then come along! Poster design by my dear friend and fellow Irishman Darol O’kane. Check out his other work here
Rock on
John xo

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