Irish man John Gribbin was discovered by an established entertainment attorney based in New York in the summer of 2009. The attorney saw so much potential in John as both a singer and songwriter he went out on a limb and sponsored him to come pursue a musical career in the States.

Once here, drawing on the inspiration that only New York City can ignite, John began writing for his band Building Pictures. John soon had residencies at some of New York’s hottest venues for both up and coming and established music artists including The Living Room, Rockwood Music Hall and The Mercury Lounge.

Honest, delicate and passionate are all words that are often found in reviews of Johns music, and since settling in Brooklyn he has performed shows as far as Texas and Los Angeles. For influences think Wilco meets Nick Drake and Glen Hansard.

A prolific writer, John released five EP’s in four years and Rockwood Music Hall was packed to capacity in November 2013 to celebrate the release of his debut album West Orchard.

This record, born in Brooklyn, is without doubt my proudest achievement,” 

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