Listening Party on September 17th

Work on my debut album ‘West Orchard’ began way back in April. With five Ep’s under my belt I was dying to make a full length album. I have been rehearsing for months, and I am delighted to announce that on September 17th in NYC we are holding a listening party for the new album.

If you are lucky enough to reside in NYC like me, then you can come along to Rockwood Music Hall (Room 2) and hear the album performed in entirety for the first time.

See the flyer below, and please join the Facebook event page HERE



John xo


My tribute to Brooklyn

I just got back from a pretty hectic six days in Ireland.

My big Brother Aidan got married, and I am really delighted to welcome his wife Clodagh in to the Gribbin family. Saturday was such an amazing day, and I couldn’t be happier for both of them. If a family wedding wasn’t enough running around, I decided to release a new single ‘In Her Veins,’ taken from my upcoming debut album ‘West Orchard.’

The single was made available on August 19th, and was released digitally worldwide with an accompanying music video. The video is my third collaboration with Buffalo Picture House Productions, and I think it may well be my favorite yet. The good people over at were awarded the exclusive first play, and you can read what they had to say about the track here –

Just around the corner is the Album Listening Party for ‘West Orchard’  – September 17th @ 7pmRockwood Music Hall (Room 2). This is a free show, so come early to avoid disappointment

John xo

In Her Veins – available August 19th

Hey good people,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that my new single ‘In Her Veins’ will be released on August 19th.

Single coverPhotograph by Shervin Lainez

BBC Session
On August 19th I will be live on the ‘Across The Line’ show on BBC Radio Ulster. I will be having a chat about the single, the album, and I will also play some tunes live in the studio. For all my friends in New York and further afield; the good news is that you will be able to stream the show live from the BBC website on the following link –

The show will air from 8 – 9.30pm GMT, this is 3 – 4.30 Eastern Time for all you New Yorkers.

Music Video
I have once again team up with the very gifted people at Buffalo Picture House Productions for a new music video to accompany the single. The video was filmed entirely in the Borough of Brooklyn, NY and will go live on the 19th with an EXCLUSIVE first play on American Songwriter Magazine –

Upcoming shows
September 17 @ 7pm – Rockwood Music Hall, Room 2, NYC (Album Listening Party)

Thanks for reading
John xo

An Answer For You

Its a long way until the November 12th release of West Orchard… But I just couldn’t resist giving you all a little sneak preview.

have a listen to ‘An Answer For You’

please share with your friends
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West Orchard – set for release November 12th

I am delighted to announce that my debut album entitled West Orchard is pencilled for release on November 12th. Started in Brooklyn, and finished in Ireland with the help of producer Michael Keeney, I have never been more excited to share a set of songs with anyone.

I can also announce that I have collaborated with one of my favorite artists, Mats Pehrson on the album artwork.


On September 17th a listening party will be held at Rockwood Music Hall (Room 2) at 7pm. Joined with my bandmates, and some other very special guests, we will perform the record from start to finish.


Lydia Kanuga / / 212-777-6727 x 202

June Shows

June 2013

Really excited to announce three June shows in NYC. On the 12th we will be taking it to Brooklyn, and jumping on the quaint little stage found at Pete’s Candy Store. Last time I played Pete’s was in the summer of 2009… cant wait to be back! For full address and directions check here –

On the 19th we will be providing the entertainment after a performance of Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel. For more information on Sleep No More, and this mysterious hotel, check out their website –

The Living Room has been a staple in NYC for as long as most people can remember, and on the 22nd, we will play our first Saturday night there. With rumors still circulating about their imminent closure, this could well be my last show at this great space.

All shows are FREE. and the stage times on the Flyer are precise.

Rock on

John xo


Feeling the love in Texas

Where do I begin?…

For a start, I’m not gonna lie… I’ve never really been a fan of daytime television, nor have I watched Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan doing their thing on ‘Live! with Kelly and Michael’ before. But I am fully aware of the popularity of the show. When I was alerted to the fact that someone had decided to use my track ‘Closing Doors’ on a piece about a teacher from Katy, Texas I was intrigued. But I could never have imagined how my song would pair so well with such an amazing story.

Watching the piece filled me with so much pride. Coming from Ireland and living in New York, its hard to imagine life in Texas. Its a different world down there. When I watched the piece on Suzette Steward, now officially crowned Americas Top Teacher, I got a sense of the kind of person she is- an honest, kind, inspiring, passionate and giving lady. I watched in complete admiration, with the hairs standing on the back of my neck. Suzette is a special needs teacher, and an expert on Autism and those affected by the disorder. Having never spent time with Autistic children or adults myself, the piece was not just very moving, it was also informative.

When the clip aired word filtered through to me that I had some fans down in Texas, and when I was invited down to play a show for Suzette and her kids I jumped at the chance! I was accompanied by Marco, a producer from the show, and the very man who paired my song with Suzettes story. On friday night we relaxed and sampled some amazing authentic Mexican food. Saturday was when the fun really started. Up early we helped Suzette prepare for a huge party on the edge of a lake… and for dinner? Texas BBQ of course. My mouth was watering when we turned up to the site and I could smell all the meat which had been smoked since 3am!

With around 150 people in attendance, including teachers from Suzettes school, students, parents and neighbors, I got to witness first hand Suzette doing her thing. Her patience was unrelenting. Her energy was breathtaking, and as the sun began to get cooler in the sky, I geared up to play a few songs. Starting with ‘Training Up My Soul’, I cant even describe the emotions that I felt watching one kid named Hunter dance along to my music. ‘Closing Doors’ was of course the highlight, and there was only one woman that I could dedicate it to – you guessed it, everyones favorite lady, Suzette.

Coming back to New York last night I was exhausted, but I couldn’t have been happier with my weekend. The warm welcome in Texas was overwhelming. Marco has captured plenty of footage on his camera, so hopefully when we piece it all together you can all get a sense of how we felt. Closing Doors has always been my New York song, but now it will always make me think of Texas.


Next Show – April 28th 8pm @ Rockwood Music Hall

John xo

Closing Doors on Kelly Ripa

So happy to have been involved in this piece. Congrats to Suzette Steward, a real inspiration.

Closing Doors comes in at 5.45.

The wonderful people of Katy, Texas are having me down this weekend to play a few songs for them. I’m gonna take my camera with me. Should be fun!

John xo

Good times.

I’ve often heard that making an album is hard work. Most of my first releases were either started or completely recorded in my bedroom back in Derry. With my latest EP (Training Up My Soul), I had my first taste of tracking live with a band. I could hear the difference. I could feel the energy in the songs.

Making a more official move to New York at the start of 2011, I was very lucky to get together with the same group of musicians that helped me find my feet when I first made a short trip to NY. After two years of playing with the same three men, I was dying to record with them.

Just last week I joked with my producer and good friend Michael Keeney about the recording process of my second EP. I will never forget recording my friend Zarah playing cello in my student accommodation in Stranmillis, Belfast, and then having Michael help me mix the track. It learned me a lot. Thinking back to those recording times, I could never have imagined that my debut album would be made in New York in a world-class studio.

I recently realized just how much travelling around with my guitar is reflected in my music. There are songs that were written in Derry. Some were started in Los Angeles. The majority of the songs were penned in Brooklyn. This album will always make me think of NYC.

My hard-drive is full of live recordings from various shows we have played in the past two years. It’s really amazing to listen back to songs and see their transformation from one show to the next. It takes time for musicians to gel. But it didn’t take too much time for Jacob, Kenny and Rob to understand Irish sarcasm!

Four days in a studio is not a long time, but we moved fast and kept the energy and enthusiasm up. On the final day all of our live tracking was done, and then we put down some backing vocals. The final few hours I spent with Michael on electric guitars. There is still some work to do but I feel that the hardest part is over.

My first time recording in Brooklyn has passed, but the memories will live on for a long time. Huge thanks to Michael, Jacob, Kenny, Rob, Rebecca, and everyone at Seaside Lounge Studios for making the experience so much fun. As for a release date… check back for updates.

Next Show – May 28th @ 8pm – Rockwood Music Hall (room 1)


good 13


John xo