“These finely tailored tunes glimmer with a nostalgic sheen, and the crowd give each one the respect they deserve by absorbing every note in silent admiration, only breaking the silence to issue rapturous praise, when the time allows for it.” CHRIS JOHNSON – BBC

“with an acoustic guitar and a trailer load of quality songs those who stop to listen are rewarded with a style and charisma not normally associated with most in his genre.” THE MID ULSTER MAIL

“John is a young musician I can safely say is one of my favourites locally….Often have I had it mentioned to me that he has the potential to be a great songwriter, and I can’t see any reason to disagree.” MATTHEW ALEXANDER PATTON (PHOTOGRAPHER)

“The alias of the esteemed John Gribbin, ‘Building Pictures’ finds the young musician in inquisitive mood, tentatively and tenderly exploring all manner of new sounds…this song highlights his restlessly questing spirit and assured songcraft.” FRANCIS JONES – HOTPRESS MAGAZINE

The Joey and the Moon EP is “full of the kind of songwriting and earnestness, barely scuzzy-sounding guitars, and slacker vocals that make an artist destined for shoe-gaze stardom.” WWW.SFCRITIC.COM

“Gribben’s songs come directly from the heart, plain spoken and direct, and charm their way into the affections of the listener. As with everything about the man, it’s a quietly understated performance, but he can’t help but win people over.” STEVEN RAINEY – WWW.CULTURENORTHERNIRELAND.ORG

“On first listen The Closing Doors EP is a pretty simple acoustic affair, but unlike so many other downbeat guitar records, these tunes have got real heart. Expect: delicate vocals and hard-hitting lyrics..” WWW.HOTPRESS.COM